1. SPEED LIMIT: 5 MPH in the park. Please use designated roadways only, and watch for our treasured children and pets. Avoid driving through empty sites. 
2. CAMPFIRES: Allowed in portable fire pits only. If your site does not have one, please inquire at the office to have one brought to you, if available.  Feel free to use the big fire pit down by the pond, behind the office. There is plenty of wood and seating for a large group.
3. PETS: We are a pet friendly park. There is a fenced “dog area” located in the park so they can get some exercise and socialize with other pets. When walking your pets in the resort, please have your pets on a leash and controlled at all times. There are doggie clean up bags in the dog park. Please be sure to pick up their mess and dispose of it in dumpsters (see park map).  Dogs can not be left unattended outside. Cats are not to be outside without a leash.  There is a $50.00 fee for all pet waste NOT picked up.
4. WASTE DISPOSAL: Please dispose of household garbage in the dumpsters located in the park. There are labeled recycle cans also. Leaving garbage outside may attract wild animals. All cardboard should be broken down. NO PLASTICS or GLASS in the recycle bins,. Those must go into the dumpster. NO oil, cooking grease, bleach, or harsh chemicals should enter our system through your tank.
5. QUIET HOURS: [10:00 PM – 7:00 AM] Please be courteous to your neighbors by observing our quiet hours. 
6. RESTROOMS: Please help us keep our restrooms clean and tidy. Our showers are designed for handicap access and sometimes excess water escapes. If this happens, kindly use the provided mop to remove this slipping hazard. Open 24 hours, for guests only, and a door code is required. (see bottom of Channel List)
7. CHECK IN/OUT TIMES: Our Check-in time is 1:00 PM, and our Check-out time is 11:00 AM. Please let the office know if you desire to extend your stay. We will do our best to accommodate you. 
8. LAUNDRY ROOM: Open 24 hours daily. No blankets, sleeping bags or rugs in washers. Please don’t leave laundry unattended. Quarters are available during office hours.
9. MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY:  4 GUESTS PER SITE. $5 per extra guest per day. Check with office staff for more information. 
10. SEPARATING TRASH & RECYCLING INTO THE PROPER RECEPTACLES IS MANDATORY. Only cardboard and paper can go in recycle cans
11. PROPANE is sold daily 
12. CHILDREN under 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times while outside.13. GUEST accepts financial responsibility for any damage and the repairs necessary to correct the aforementioned repairs, for the site assigned to them and any common area, that may incur during their stay.